Boulevard and Avery and Great Divide…Oh My!!!

29 Jul

As I promised, I blog about Beer today! I love beer but it’s only just been since I met my husband that I have come to appreciate good beer. Last year when we were in Colorado on vacation we spent a whole day going to the local breweries and trying what they had to offer. Since then Steve and I try a new beer as often as we can.

A few days ago Steve and I took a trip down to the liquor store to get some new beers to try. We pulled a bottle of Imperial Stout from our beer cellar. Which is a box in our coat closet. We then bought Avery’s Collaboration #2 and Great Divide’s Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti. We also bought Sophie from Goose Island. I’ll get to that one later.

When we got home we started with Boulevard’s Imperial Stout. We had tried it  before and it’s not a favorite of mine but it’s still good. It reminds me of Bourbon Barrel Quad’s step sister. To me, there just isn’t a lot going on with that beer. It’s dark and  but I like a complex beer that you taste something different with each sip.


Then we opened Avery’s Collab #2. I love Avery. I love how all of their beers are so hoppy it makes you wonder how they get all that flavor into the beer. Collab #2 is a dark beer with great flavor. It’s aged in wiskey casks so it almost has just a touch of that wiskey sourness. I found out when I was at Avery in June that they are Collab #6 and upon further review of the bottle. Collab #2 was bottled in Feb 2008! I wonder how different it would’ve been all those years ago? Collab #2 is a complex beer. It’s malty and hoppy and yummy!


















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